What's the difference between a gardener and a landscaper?

A gardener focuses on the well-being of his plants, while landscape designers focus on, well, the landscape. This could include walls, patios and paths.

What's the difference between a gardener and a landscaper?

A gardener focuses on the well-being of his plants, while landscape designers focus on, well, the landscape. This could include walls, patios and paths. Landscapers sometimes describe gardeners as “gardeners” because a gardener focuses on plant health and well-being. Landscapers are often involved in outdoor construction work, such as driveways, patios, walls, and similar work known as “landscaping”.

Both landscaping and gardening involve design, planning and maintenance, but gardening usually involves only the plants of a space. The landscape is the general area that encompasses plants. Gardening is the largest and most active part of landscaping. Many do-it-yourselfers hire landscapers for highly skilled or heavy work, such as landscape design services, lighting and irrigation installation, building paved walkways and patios, or planting large specimens.

Other busy people hire landscapers or gardeners for weekly lawn maintenance, or less often for occasional special jobs. So let's get to the point. Landscapers are people who do construction work outdoors, in the garden or in public spaces. Here you can think of building fences, walls, driveways and patios, for example.

Sometimes this is also called “landscaping”. While a gardener could help with those areas, they are actually specialized and expert at working with plants and flowers. Where to plant, how to plant and how to care for them. A landscape gardener generally charges more than a gardener due to the need for a wider range of tools and skills to be able to perform the jobs, although many jobs are charged by quote compared to an hourly rate when using a gardener who provides maintenance.

Master gardening programs generally require several hours of training by academic and professional mentors in the field of gardening or horticulture. Despite the similarities between landscaping and gardening, there are differences between them, but the line that separates the two is usually blurred and subjective. Gardeners are the boys and girls with green fingers who manage and maintain plants, lawns, beds, and borders in private, public and commercial settings. Of course, there will always be some crossing and a landscaper can also offer garden maintenance.

In landscaping, entire plots can be dug up with heavy machinery and the terrain can be changed by importing not only plants but different types of soil and plants that may not be native to the area. That said, some gardening associations or larger companies will have the skills and equipment to offer gardening and landscaping services. Gardeners work to create the right conditions for plants to thrive, and then monitor and care for plants. Landscape gardeners work at the heavy-duty end of the gardening spectrum, creating hard structures and gardens that transform your entire garden or define specific areas of your space.

There are also jobs known as “soft landscaping” that both gardeners and landscape designers should be able to offer. Gardeners take responsibility for planting, pruning, cutting, fertilizing, controlling weeds, and removing leaves, along with some light maintenance of adjacent non-plant items, such as fences or pavements, also known as hard gardening. Gardeners, on the other hand, are better acquainted with plant life and horticulture, rather than garden design and installation features. Gardeners are perfect to employ when a green space is already established, but it only needs a little maintenance and cleaning here and there.

For example, the California Master Gardener program requires more than 50 hours of instruction along with annual fees for volunteer hours and continuing education. Gardeners also maintain the best appearance of the adjacent landscape by pressure-washing paved surfaces and siding, cleaning downspouts and gutters, replacing light bulbs and sprinklers, and so on. .

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